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      Michael L. Love Ph.D
      Also, known as proclus, Michael is the first mover and admin of GNU-Darwin. The lion share of the site and distribution work results directly from his activities. Here below are some links related to the GNU-Darwin founder.

    • proclus realm home page
    • "I am Noah! Repent! and look at my home page"
    • proclus site on gnu-darwin, with code and Celestrialism links
    • "The values of freedom and openness are crucial to understanding itself, so that civilization and public welfare now depend on them."
    • Michael L. Love's Amazon Profile
    • "In My Own Words: biochemist, musician, protein crystallographer, system administrator, X-ray lab manager, operator, life-long bicycle commuter"
    • Check out our Amazon Store
    • "Please check out our Amazon Affiliate Store. Proceeds assist our ongoing work on the internet, especially with respect to the GNU-Darwin and Molecules sites."
    • Michael L. Love on

      • X-ray lab manager at Department of Biophysics and Biophysical Chemistry School of Medicine Johns Hopkins University
      • Darwin Collection; editor at proclus realm
      • founder, lead developer at The GNU-Darwin Distribution

    • Michael L. Love biosketch on echeminfo site
    • "As founder of The GNU-Darwin Distribution, he is attempting to advance supercomputing on the Apple platform for the benefit of the user community at large."
    • Michael L. Love proclus blog on Vitacost
    • "Many people ask me about the supplements that I am taking. They can now see some of them on my Vitacost blog."
    • Michael L. Love Curriculum Vitae
    • "Exceptional ongoing support for crystallographic stations on synchrotron beamlines and X-ray facilities; Experimental, maintenance, facility and user support, MAR345, R-AXIS IV image plates, Saturn944+, Quantum 4 and 210 CCDs, practical data acquisition and processing mastery"
    • Michael L. Love: Molecules:
    • "The premise is simple; to publish and promote prior art and public knowledge of molecules, which can have an impact on people's access to inexpensive medicine, beneficial supplements, and other important uses, outside of corporate channeled biased knowledge and their monopolistic price structure. From a professional point of view, I find the chemical and biochemical information to be very useful, but it is also an opportunity to speak out for something good."
    • Michael L. Love on Scientific Commons
    • " Troponin C-the calcium switch in muscle - interactions of TnC with TnI and their role in thin filament regulation by Michael L. Love. (2000)" link
    • Michael L. Love: Three Years of Free Software Activism: The Case of GNU-Darwin OS
    • "GNU-Darwin is an activist distribution. GNU-Darwin has been an ardent defender of digital liberties, and it is a platform for digital activism."
    • The GNU-Darwin Distribution 1.0: A Perspective from the Founder
    • "This Unix-like environment has provided the first major opportunity to reach Apple users with free software, so that they can learn the values which bring that software to them."
    • Michael Love: A Personal Statement
    • "footnote added, January 2010: It is remarkable how this old bio keeps its freshness, and it continues as a touchstone and rubrick for everything that came afterwards. I am including some links below, and an updated email address, to bring the reader up to date. The most notable omission from this piece is my mother's second husband, Clinton France..."
    • The Radical Mormon

    • Michael L. Love Ph.D

      "WE SHOULD GATHER ALL THE GOOD AND TRUE PRINCIPLES IN THE WORLD AND TREASURE THEM UP, OR WE SHALL NOT COME OUT TRUE MORMONS. Joseph Smith (TPJS, p. 316.), Publishing to the mormon alternatives scene since May 1999."
    • The GNU-Darwin Distribution
    • "GNU-Darwin aims to be the most free software distribution. Our mission is two-fold: Focus on projects that leverage our unique combination of Darwin and GNU, and help users to enjoy the benefits of software freedom. (founded November 2000)"

    In addition to proclus, other GNU-Darwin talent from the present and past includes Yves de Champlain and RRP, also known as JWA. Finally, GNU-Darwin would not be what it is without the efforts of our many users, contributers, and supporters from around the world and beyond, lending their voices and more on our behalf. In many cases they have provided us with our best talent, and they all deserve many thanks. Some of them are listed here.

    Finally, let us all thank caviar. Without fish eggs, there would be far fewer people ;-}. Great things come in small packages.

    If you have any questions or suggestions about this page contact us.